3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans

In recent surveys it has been found that many people find it hard to read a typical 2D floor plan and cannot visualise how the building will look in real life. At Hendre we provide the solution and introduce the new 3D floor plan.

Unlike conventional and now dated 2D plans, the newer 3D versions offer a wide variety of improvements and marketing benefits. These improvements not only allow a person to visualise the space of the building but also enable prospective buyers the unique ability to see and plan furniture layout, see windows and doors, understand clearly where arches are and many more.

Whilst there are many types of 3D floor plans available to real estate companies, nothing can compare to Hendre’s fully customisable, fast and highly realistic alternative.

Why not make your listing stand out from the rest and turn to 3D.

2d Floor Plans

Increase property interest

Providing the option of the traditional black and white floor plan or add colour to your plans at no extra cost.
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