Montage Services

Montage Services

Montages are a great way to show prospective owners, neighbours, consultants, shareholders or even councils what your project will look like in the real world and are a great proven way of helping Development Approval of even the most impactful of structures.

Suitable in many applications, at Hendre we offer the following services as part of our Montage Package:

  • Initial brief and requirements including any meetings needed.
  • High quality photography of the subject site
  • Creation of 2D or 3D rendered views of the structure
  • Superimposing of rendered structure/s onto the site image
  • Tweaking of both image and rendered structure/s to ensure the most realistic views are provided.
  • Multiple views and index pages showing where views are taken from

Hendre has proven experience of projects to some of Australia's largest companies, ranging from small site projects such as Buildings and Telecommunication Facilities (including mobile base stations) as well as large scale projects such as Wind farm and substation sites. These are just few examples of what can be provided as far as montages go.

What are Montages

Montages are images that are produced to show what a project can look like in a real-world application. Whilst still an artist impression or representation of what could be, they are the best way to provide a realistic view of the completed project.

Created by using high resolution photography of the site and superimposing detailed rendered images of the project structures onto the "real site" photo, they allow for a detailed image and artist impression of the project.


Location Information

Hendre is located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide approximately 30 minutes drive from the CBD. Allthough located within this area Hendre provides services to the entirety of the metropolitan area as well as South Australia wide.

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